Pretty Inchez wants to encourage woman to feel comfortable and beautiful with their hair. We provide only the highest grade of 100% Raw Human Hair sourced directly from one donor. Pretty Inchez specializes in beautiful luxurious length hair up to 50 inches. In addition to providing the best bundles we also have a luxurious line of High end WIGS. Our quality and texture is superior and incomparable. We only offer hair with the cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to tip. While we understand that hair quality is very important, we also want you know that a good customer experience is just as important. Our customers trust us to continue to provide them with incredible quality and support !

Pretty Inchez is a brand that represents all the pretty girls around the world. Our company is operated by women who have a passion for everything beauty! We are also huge advocates for the community and are always looking for ways to give back, uplift and inspire. Aside from selling high quality hair extensions , building customer relationships is very important to our brand. Having hair extensions gives a woman an overall confidence boost and makes us feel good. We take pride in knowing our customers feel amazing while wearing Pretty Inchez.

We want you to feel flawless and look stunning when rocking Pretty Inchez. We confidently guarantee quality, longevity, and the ultimate satisfaction. Look no further for pretty long luxurious hair.


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