Breaking Down Top Three Raw Hair Extensions Myths

There is no denying that hair extensions have become a popular way to flaunt voluminous styles. Whether to seek perfect faux bangs, grow a short hairstyle, or construct complicated updos, raw hair extensions help you in every possible way. However, a few myths frighten you in several ways; we are here to break all of them. It is necessary to remember that these hair extensions are here to provide you with the desired looks, not the stress. 

Before we begin our post, we humbly request that you stay away from the uncertified stores. In our past, we have seen countless cases where ladies bought a few extensions from fraud stores and regretted their decision. If you feel it is a bit daunting to search for vital stores, you can talk to our professional customer care team. 

Most Common Hair Extension Myths!

Extensions can be Expensive

Well, it is a ridiculous myth of all time because the expenses depend on the individual. You will be amazed to know that hair extensions of decent quality are no longer prohibitively expensive. Yes, you can say that human hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic hair extensions, but both choices come at reasonable prices. It is a wise suggestion that you make your decision after visiting the stores, not by talking to other people. 

Hair Extensions affect Hair Quality

It is time we talk about the most popular misconception concerning hair extensions. We have seen that most women are hesitant that the extensions or hair closure Houston will harm their natural hair, but the reality is different. As long as a specialist places your extensions, you are not going to face any negative impact, not even a single percent. The experts believe that the soft bonding extensions applied by strand and strand are a vital choice. 

Hair Extensions are Uncomfortable to Wear

Again, even listening to this myth makes you feel ridiculous. There is no way that the hair extensions will make you uncomfortable. Yes, it has been seen that only a few people might feel a bit of pain during the first 1-2 days after installing the hair. As soon as you blend in after a couple of days, you start enjoying the journey. 

Does the Certified Store Factor Really Matter?

As long as you are looking for a vital hair extension, the answer is a big yes. But you do not have to worry about anything because the professional team of Pretty Inchez has your back. We suggest you visit the online store and read the utmost information. Visiting the website will tell you about all the available offers. Our professional is here to answer if you find anything confusing or have a query. 


As we were talking about above, many people, especially women, believe that raw hair extensions are costly, uncomfortable to wear and affect your hair, but the reality is different. We hope this post will help you understand that these are myths. Those who are looking for the best hair extensions you're one step away from the online store. 


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