3 Different Kinds Of Hair Extensions To Improve Your Hair Game

Everyone aspires to have thick, long hair, and nothing compares to the sensation of having such hair. But you can choose from various long, straight hair bundles and extensions instead of worrying that your hair does not look the way you want.

What are Extensions for Hair?

It is a method to gain confidence while getting a long hairstyle. Since so many people are experiencing problems with their natural hair these days, adding hair extensions is the simplest and finest solution.

Additionally, two types of hair are used in hair extensions: synthetic and natural. Choose natural hair for long-lasting and blend well with your existing hair. However, if you stick to your budget, choose synthetic extensions instead.

Various Hair Extension Types

Three different types of extensions are available to help you achieve the desired hairstyle and length. Something you can think about using for your new hairstyle. Examine them before making a decision.

1. Hair Extensions that Tape in:

Want to quickly add weight to your hair so you can promptly attend a party? The ideal solution for you will then be a tape-in hair extension. The perfect semi-permanent hair extension for you will be this kind. These extensions come as hair wefts sandwiched between your hair and secured with clips and single- or double-sided tape. These tapes and clips enable quick and painless installation of extensions.

Key Facts:

  • It hardly takes 1-2 hours to prepare for your event by adding them to your natural hair.
  • No additional tool or adhesive is required to apply these.
  • No damage to your natural hair.
  • You can reuse them for 2-3 months.

2. Micro and Nano Ring Hair Extensions:

These hair additions are available in the form of micro and nanorings, which are two different forms of permanent hair additions. Small bundles of hair are used for these ring-based extensions, separated and installed in the tiny hair region. Due to its popularity, people who purchase these extensions in hair bundle deals have them professionally installed. The individual cannot wear micro and nano ring extensions by itself.

Key Facts :

  • Applied by the cold install method
  • Free from glue and heat damage.
  • Wash, color, cut, and style them as you do your natural hair.
  • Wake up with your dream hair every morning.

3. Hair Extensions that Clip in:

These are your greatest options if you enjoy switching up your hairdo. You may always use clip-in hair extensions without effort, and these short-term additions may be put on and taken off quickly in a few minutes. These extensions come in various styles, including ponytails, streaks, side patches, and hair toppers, to name a few.

Key Facts:

  • They are easy to remove, and their addition makes them more sustainable.
  • Clip them at any part of the hair to get the desired volume and length.
  • Hide your bald patches and bad haircut with clip-ins.
  • Find your favorite from the available sizes, colors, and styles.


Your hair conveys a lot to us, and we now have a way to make you seem the way you want to look if you wish to have this hair. Feel free to contact Pretty Inches with any questions about long straight hair bundles to find the best possible match for your hair type.
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