Invisi-Tapes are the latest innovation in the hair extension market. They are unbelievably realistic and provide a natural, undetectable transformation for fuller, voluminous hair. What makes our Invisi Tapes so special is that the very top of the weft is actually made with hair being pushed out of this mesh and being hand-knotted on the other side. These invisible tape hair extensions are designed to mimic hair growing from the scalp, and are made to be 100% invisible for a more natural-looking and discreet extension. No visible tape can be seen where the tape hair has been attached, making it look absolutely seamless and completely undetectable, just like your own hair!

What does this mean for you and your installation? Basically, once these extensions are installed they practically vanish and blend in so well it really just looks as if the hair is growing out of your own scalp. That is the amazing thing about our Invisi Tapes - anyone can wear them and they won't show through!

Our Tape in extensions come with 40 individual pieces per every 100 grams/Per pack.

Shipping Time is 7-10 buisness days for these specific extensions.

250-300 grams is 
recommended for a full install. 

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